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#ByeAndy: The video vault

As Andy Sugden goes on the run, we've put together a collection of clips including his arrival in the Village, memorable scenes and the moment Andy left Emmerdale for the open road #ByeAndy

Back in 2013, Kelvin Fletcher told us all about what it was like to play Andy Sugden:

Who can forget the moment Andy Hopwood met Jack and Robert Sugden:

Sarah invites Andy over for dinner (which soon becomes home):

Diane was ever so fond of Andy:

Andy always knew how to turn heads in the Village:

Those biceps saw a few women fight over Andy:

Bernice won Andy's heart:

And Bernice also waxed Andy's legs:

But Andy never stopped loving Katie:

Andy's life was turned upside down when Robert came back:

Andy and Robert never saw eye-to-eye as brothers:

But Andy finally married his sweetheart:

Devastation struck Andy when Katie died:

And things went from bad to worse when he found out Robert was involved:

But more was to follow later on when Chrissie framed Andy!

On the run, Andy couldn't leave without saying bye to Robert:

What a way to leave...with tears in our eyes, we'll miss you Andy:

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