Bye Val: Charlie Hardwick to leave the Dales

Charlie Hardwick will leave the Village after eleven years of playing Val Pollard.

Charlie Hardwick will be saying goodbye to iconic character Val Pollard after 11 years on screen. Over the years Val has been an integral part of life in Emmerdale. Val's no shrinking violet and has always taken what life throws at her head on. Commenting on her decision, Charlie revealed: "I have loved forging and playing such a funny, unpredictable and indefatigable character in the company of such a great cast.

I have relished being the difficult sister wrangling with Diane, and outrageously attempting to mentor/suppress the B&B serfs Amy, Victoria, Finn and Tracy. "

Above all, I have endured, sorry, enjoyed the match made in heaven with that little so and so, Eric.

Charlie Hardwick, on saying goodbye to playing Val

"Above all, I have endured, sorry, enjoyed the match made in heaven with that little so and so, Eric. When Chris and I were written together 10 years ago, I had no idea how much I would come to adore working with and being in the company of such a terrific fellow. I?d like to thank him and all of the friends I have made in front of and behind the camera for their wit, warmth, support and dogged devotion to creativity. I will miss them terribly but when it?s time to go...Adieu dear colleagues. It has been a blast."

The exact details of Val's exit are still under wraps but Val may come to regret defrauding the bank with Bob. Stay tuned for more...

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