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Cain Dingle

Although Cain is the bad boy of the village, people (and viewers) are always drawn to him. He has the same sense of family loyalty as Zak but his selfishness usually means that he disappoints those closest to him.

He is a very protective father and Grandfather to Debbie and Sarah and would do anything for them. Although he’s been involved in many scams, he's not evil to the core and has developed a conscience in recent years. This is evident in his relationship with his dad and with Moira Barton. Don’t be fooled, he is not totally reformed as he still maintains unconventional methods of achieving his goals but he has realised that he does not want to be an emotional island.

Keywords to describe character: Single minded, often selfish, guarded, protector of the few people that he allows to love him, similar morals to Zak.

Domestic Set: Tug Ghyll

Work Set: Dingle & Dingle Automotives

Relationships in show: Zak (father), Debbie (daughter), Chastity (sister), all the other Dingles, Moira (girlfriend), Charity (ex-partner).

First appearance: March 2000

Awards / Nominations: Best Mystery at the 2012 All About Soap Awards for 'Who attacked Cain?', Best Bad Boy at the 2001 and 2005 Inside Soap Awards, plus several nominations for Best Actor and Sexiest Actor over the years.

Favourite Line: Infamous pub scene where he challenged villagers in the pub on their past misdeeds.... "And glass houses, or what? Slag. Junkie. Conman. Tax evader. Did her husband's brother. Rapist for a son. Now you've not done anything wrong as such John. Except for being a drip who can't satisfy his wife. Or control his daughter".

Likes: Money, fast cars, getting one over on the law / others.

Dislikes: Being made a fool of and admitting his feelings.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To be a good dad and not make mistakes.

And finally... Cain once had a dog called Rambo.

Weekday evenings