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Casting news: A new family in Home Farm

Home Farm has a new family moving in soon, and they're guaranteed to bring up troubling memories for Andy and Edna...

When Home Farm is put up for auction and an open day held for potential purchasers, Nicola King's rude to prospective buyer Chrissie White. Little does she know, she's speaking to the soon-to-be lady of the manor.

But soon enough, Nicola’s fibs and fabrications are blown apart by the arrival of Chrissie’s fiancé, who has joined his partner to look around the house.

Chrissie's fiancé...is Robert Sugden!

Before long Chrissie’s wealthy father Lawrence White arrives to inspect the property, because he wants to buy in the area and Home Farm seems just the ticket.

Forthright in his views, Lawrence isn'tt impressed with Chrissie’s choice of husband and on getting wind of Robert’s reluctance to return to the village, promptly puts in an offer. Could Lawrence be determined to rock his daughter’s relationship?

Welcome the White family to the Village!

The family is made up of patriarch Lawrence, played by John Bowe (Silent Witness, DCI Banks, Prime Suspect, Coronation Street), strong minded Chrissie played by newcomer Louise Marwood, her troubled son Lachlan played by Thomas Atkinson and former Village resident Robert Sugden, played by Ryan Hawley (History Boys, both in the WestEnd and the UK theatre tour).

Speaking about the new arrival to Home Farm, Kate Oates, Series Producer explains: “Home Farm has always been the seat of power in Emmerdale. In Lawrence, we have a family man, with serious status and a complex history. Robert's going to have to prove himself worthy - not just of the big House on the Hill, but of Lawrence's daughter, Chrissie. But will the ghosts of his past hold him back?”

How will the residents take the familiar faces and the new family? Watch and find out...

Weekday evenings