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Charity and Mack's escapades

Emma Atkins chats about the surprises in store for Charity and Mack during next week's survival episodes...

What can you tell us about survival week?

Survival week is going to be pretty spectacular and the dynamic relationship between Charity and Mackenzie will come into its own during this explosive week of drama. There is an element of humour in their dialogue and meet-ups and amidst the darkness of Meena - it will cast some lightness. However, they have their own interesting journey to go on and between the mischievous banter all is not as well as it seems. Both characters will be pushed to their limits and the audience will be on the edge of their seats.

Do you love filming in the great outdoors and was it fun being on location for so long?

I loved the fact it was different from our usual studio days. I have always preferred filming outdoors. I love studio but when it’s long days and there’s no natural light, in the winter, you enter the building in the dark and leave in the dark. With The Super Soap Week - it was almost like we were filming a drama.

 Mackenzie and Charity both steal away from their teams. Was it fun filming their escapade?

It was a lot of fun. I feel so comfortable working with Lawrence and there was a lot of flirtation between our characters so it always helps to feel at ease around your fellow worker when you’re given scripts such as this. We filmed in the woods near the village and we were using the steady cam for some of the wide shots of the surroundings. It felt very filmic. The scripts were fun and i think it’s going to add a lighthearted touch to the week’s events.

Did you enjoy the scenes in the raft?

There were a group of crew members with oars and their job was to push water over us so that it appears on screen that we are all white water rafting. We got completely soaked but we also had a real laugh filming it.

Did you get to film in the maize maze? Was it exciting?

Yes, it was exciting. I did my own stunt at one point which I can’t divulge because it would spoil the surprise, but it’s a pretty dramatic moment for Charity and Mackenzie.

We know it’s full of Jeopardy as a week of TV was it exciting?

It was yes. And also lovely to be working alongside Lawrence and have our little comic storyline running through the darkness of Meena.

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Weekday evenings