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Chas Dingle

Chas Dingle is a confident, loud and proud Dingle! She's fun-loving, gutsy, brash and in your face. She doesn't take life too seriously and doesn’t care what others think about her…..unless they are her family.

Chas’s relationship with her son Aaron has shown that there are hidden depths to her, as she faced massive dilemmas with him. She is intuitive, straight talking, responsible, loyal and caring. Despite being ostracised by her family over an affair, she knows that she has firm place in the village community as one of the Woolpacks landladies.

Keywords to describe character: Out-spoken, bolshy, bubbly.

Domestic Set: The Woolpack

Work Set: The Woolpack (joint landlady with Diane)

Relationships in show: Cain (brother), the rest of the Dingles, Cameron (boyfriend), Diane (business partner and friend), Gennie (sister), Dan (ex husband).

First appearance: October 2002

Awards / Nominations: Nominated in 2013 Soap Awards for Best Actress and Best

Likes: A good party with her girlfriends.

Dislikes: Snobbery.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? A world where she could be with Cameron with the blessing of her whole family.

And finally... Past jobs include: training for the army, Sharma's factory, stripogram and Chas also holds a business degree.

Weekday evenings