Weekday evenings

Dan Spencer

We all know someone like Dan. He has a good heart, fun and great sense of humour. Always the first to put himself down, he sometimes doesn’t’ realise how well loved he is.

This can be seen in his close bond with his family as despite being left by his wife for a women…he has a very strong, caring relationship with them both where they look out for each other. Dan is no push over though. Through Sean challenging Dan about people taking advantage of him, we see the qualities that are important to Dan. Honesty, trust and family. Dan’s a sucker for romance, and even though Chas broke his heart, he’s on the look out for love.

Keywords to describe character: Loveable, funny, hapless, caring, brilliant sense of humour.

Domestic Set: Dale Head

Work Set: The Dingle Garage

Relationships in show: Ali (ex wife), Sean (son), Amelia (daughter), Bob (friend), Chas (ex wife).

First appearance: 9th November 2011

Awards / Nominations: Nominated as Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards.

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: One ex-wife (Ali), current wife (Chas - separated), two children (Amelia and Sean).

Likes: Being a dad, driving Hetty (his VW camper van), playing darts.

Dislikes: Ambition, people not getting on (he still has a very close friendship with both of his ex wives).

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To marry somebody nice, normal and fun.

And finally... Dan thinks a homeopath sounds like a gay serial killer.

Weekday evenings