Weekday evenings

David Metcalfe

David arrived in Emmerdale in 2006 to find his biological father, Eric Pollard. Over the years, they’ve developed a great bond - which is lucky considering the amount of ups and downs David has with his love life!

His methods of keeping everybody happy often have dramatic (and comedic) results. He always makes time for his friends and is a close confidant for Amy Wyatt and his not quite stepson Jacob Gallagher. David’s got an eye for the ladies, and is currently battling his feelings in a love triangle with Alicia and Priya.

Keywords to describe character: Funny, genuine, hapless, loyal.

Domestic Set: Farrers Barn

Work Set: David's shop (owner)

Relationships in show: Eric (father), Val (step-mother), Alicia (wife, soon to be ex), Priya (fiancee), Jacob (Alicia's son).

First appearance: November 2006

Awards / Nominations: Nominated for sexiest male various time and for Best Comedy Performance in the 2012 Soap Awards.

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: He's been engaged 3 times (Leyla, Alicia, Priya) but proposed 5 times.

Likes: Being in love, spending time with Jacob, running.

Dislikes: Upsetting / hurting people.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To follow his heart and be with the woman who's right for him.

And finally... After being dumped by Leyla, David made a drunken dash to the Woolpack in her wedding dress... much to the amusement of everyone in there!

Weekday evenings