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Diane Sugden

Diane is a no-nonsense, firm but fair, respected member of the community. As Woolpack landlady she looks after her staff and often acts as a sounding board to the punters.

Diane has been unlucky in love and is currently single. As well as being the village moral compass, Diane is in the centre of family dramas with her daughter Bernice and her step-children Andy and Victoria. Diane’s straight-talking, no-nonsense, realistic and positive approach to life means that not only is she a good foil for her scatterbrain sister Val but that she can cope with any drama that life throws at her.

Keywords to describe character: Matriarch, fair, trustworthy, always there to lend an ear, kind.

Domestic Set: The Woolpack

Work Set: The Woolpack (part owner)

Relationships in show: Val (sister), Bernice (daughter), Rodney (ex-husband), Andy (step-son)

First appearance: November 1999

Likes: Family, Dusty Springfield.

Dislikes: Being taken advantage of, football.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To be able to hand over the reins of the pub to someone she can trust and retire happily.

And finally... Don't mention the time she lost everything to conman Charlie...

Weekday evenings