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Dramatic Decisions Lie Ahead.

Next Week: Mack makes a life changing choice. Also: Will Lydia tell her family the truth? And Chas is in danger!

Who Will Mack Save?

Charity and Mack discuss their fling in the Woolpack, but little did they know that Chloe overheard their conversation...

Chloe tries to forgive and forget, but Mack makes it difficult for her when she witnesses a farewell hug.

Later on, the couple see Charity broken down at the side of the road and offer to give her a lift.

It's awkward in the car. Chloe then intentionally misses their turn in bid to abandon Charity in the middle of nowhere.

As Charity demands she pulls over, another vehicle crashes into them!

Leaving Mack with the decision of who to save...

Will it be the mother of his child? Or the one that got away?

Will Lydia Open Up?

Sam is confused as to where Lydia has gone and he turns to Kim for some help.

Returning home, Mandy tells him her suspicions of an affair, and Sam is beside himself.

Later on, Lydia comes back home.

The family sit down in a bid to find out the truth.

Will Lydia tell them she was raped?

Advice and support for those affected by this storyline can be found here.

Can The Dingle Brothers Rescue Chas?

Chas heads off on a drive with her date but is unaware of the danger she is in.

The fear rises when Cain and Caleb realise Chas is in fact with Harry!

Meanwhile, Chas begins to realise that she could be in danger.

Will the brothers make it to her before it's too late?


 Suni struggles to process the truth.

And a shock arrival arrises for the brothers.

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Weekday evenings