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Emma Atkins And James Moore Chat About New Woolpack Venture

Charity and Ryan are the new Woolpack owners! We sat down with Emma Atkins and James Moore to chat about this new development for their characters.

Were you excited when you heard you would both become the new owners?

Emma: Yes it’s a great dynamic having mother and son save the pub to keep The Woolpack in the family. Also, knowing I’d be reunited with Chas again, I was over the moon. Getting back behind the bar will be so exciting. And knowing they’re going to put Charity and Chas together again, it’s just a dream come true. 

James: I was excited to hear Ryan would be one of the new owners of the pub. It’s a big step for him as a character especially after losing his mother and cements his part in Emmerdale history. 

Will they want to make any radical changes? Tell us about the refurb.

Emma: The refurb is brilliant and well thought out. They manage to maintain that country pub style, with a modern twist, using a really vibrant velvet upholstery in wonderful autumnal colours. The new snug area is my favourite. During the design process, Ryan rightly points out the pub is also in need of wheelchair access and suggests one section of the bar be lowered in order to cater for everyone. 

James: I think Ryan may want to modernise the Woolpack and create more of a youthful vibe to the pub. As we know he is a computer wiz and I expect he will have good ideas for promoting the pub on social media et cetera. The pub is undergoing a large refurbishment at the moment and I can’t wait to see the changes they make.

Will the pub open as a regular pub serving food or do you think there will be a new idea?

Emma: I think it’s going to be a good old fashioned regular pub, with the potential for one off events to jazz it up a little. 

James: I think the pub will operate as normal to begin with but I imagine Ryan would have some very good ideas about changing the vibe and energy in the pub and bring a modern touch to the space. 

Will you both take up positions behind the beer pumps and if so are you looking forward to it?

Emma: There was a mention in a previous script that Charity’s role will be more managerial, hands on; and Ryan, being a computer wizard, will be behind all the admin, marketing and financial stuff. 

James: I think Ryan is taking over more of the behind-the-scenes management in the woolpack but I imagine he might come out to pour a pint from time to time!

Are you looking forward to filming big Woolpack days when everybody is in?

Emma: I cannot wait to get back behind the bar. I love the atmosphere. It’s always the central hub of the village where the audience witness all sorts of drama, revelation, gossip and conflict. It’s the best place for all those memorable one liners between the punters and bar staff. 

James: It will be great to film in the new pub and there is definitely an electrifying buzz when everybody is in the room together. It feels like a long time since I have done a scene in the Woolpack so it’s going to be very exciting to be back. 

Who is your favourite all time owner/staff member from the Woolpack?

Emma: I loved Diane when she was at the helm. And of course Chas. 

James: I always loved Marlon as a team member in the woolpack, and I think it’s safe to say at this point he is integral to the pub. I can’t imagine the place without him so I hope he is involved in the upcoming storylines with Charity and I. 

It was kept a secret.. have you been looking at all the speculation from the fans.. were you aware of the fact fans have been speculating etc. 

Emma: No I wasn’t aware! That’s brilliant news. I’ve been off social media for a while so it’s wonderful to hear there has been excitement and speculation. Let’s hope they’re happy when they find out. 

James: I have seen on Twitter the speculation from the fans, and I have seen some people guessing correctly! I am very much looking forward to seeing the audience's reaction. I am very honoured to be included in this way, and to be so involved in such a big part of Emmerdale history!

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