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Next week In The Village

Next week: Residents of the village are shaken and the Dingles pull rank when Marlon has a life-threatening stroke.

Marlon's Health Crisis

Marlon's feeling on top of the world whilst he searches for the engagement ring, when suddenly he falls ill.

 As he falls to the ground, he realises he’s suffering from a stroke.

His consciousness is fading when April finds him and calls an ambulance.

In the hospital, Rhona and Mary explain to April that they will remain strong as a family.

Jai tries to make amends

After the news of Marlon, Jai is eager to support Laurel however he can.

Left to babysit the children, he realises how desperately he misses life with his family. 

Unaware of the real reason for the breakup, Arthur accuses Laurel of sleeping with somebody else.

Jai sets him straight but Laurel is frustrated that Jai thinks he can mend the relationship.

To top things all off, Jai is left humiliated when Kim asks him to work a shift waiting tables in the hide.


A heart-to-heart results in Charity begging Chas to move back into the pub, but will she? 

Ethan tells Liam that Manpreet will not be testifying in court.

The atmosphere quickly turns sour as Liam worries he’ll never get justice for Leanna. 

But it's not all bad for Ethan, as sparks fly between him and Marcus over lunch.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings