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Charles gets his confession

Determined for a confession, Charles pays Meena a visit. He is caught off guard when she definitively admits that she killed Andrea.

Back at the village, Charles starts hosting a support group.

But how will the group react when they find out he's been visiting Meena in prison?!

Rhona comes clean

Rhona knows that time is running out to tell Marlon the truth about Marcus’ identity.

Marlon's confused when enters on the tail end of a confrontation between Rhona and Kim.

And leaves stunned, needing time to digest everything that he’s just been told.

The next day, Marlon reveals to Paddy that he's unsure that he'll ever be able to forgive Rhona.

Kim finds a buyer for Mulberry

Kim informs devastated Laurel that she’s found a buyer for Mulberry.

And that she has 30 days to vacate the property!

Later, Kim asks Jai for his shares in the HOP.

In return says she’ll give him enough money to pay off his loan and put a deposit on Mulberry.

What will he do?


Kerry and Dan try to warn Amelia that Noah is trouble.

But she is left feeling humiliated and angry.

Marlon and Rhona give Ethan their approval to pursue his relationship with Marcus.

Will he be able to get Marcus to change his mind before he turns his back on the village for good?

And Marlon negotiates a great deal with Mack to return to the Woolpack!

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings