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Next week in the Village

Next week in the village: Rhona makes up excuses, Laurel fears she's making a mistake and Manpreet reconsiders testifying.

Rhona makes up excuses

Vanessa sees Rhona make excuses to Bob and instantly sees through her friend’s brave facade.

She struggles with the aftermath of the stroke.

And Paddy doesn't know how to help.

Meanwhile, Marlon gets upset because of his slow progress.

When Rhona pushes a stubborn Marlon a little too hard, the nurse gently advises Rhona to put less pressure on him. 

Bus is Rhona putting too much pressure on herself?

And can Mary help?

Laurel's fears

Laurel tells Bob exactly whats going on with Jai.

Supportively, Bob tells her that Brenda forgave him in a similar situation.

Does this give Laurel food for thought?

Confused and emotional, Laurel gives in to her feelings and kisses Jai!

But will she regret it?

Manpreet Reconsiders

Manpreet reconsiders her stance on testifying at the trial.

What will she decide to do?

The joke's on Moira

In a playful attempt to get over Mack, Charity pretends to flirt with the drayman.

But little does she know that Moira is in earshot.

And she is fuming!

Later, Moira abandons Charity in the middle of nowhere without her purse or phone, on the side of a road. 

It looks like Charity isn't laughing anymore.

What is she going to do?


Cathy lies, saying that she is in a relationship with Samson.

But she is left feeling crushed and embarrassed when Samson declares that he has absolutely no interest in her.

Vanessa tells Paddy about the near kiss with Charity.

And Mandy reflects on her would-be wedding a year ago today

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Weekday evenings