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Next week on Emmerdale: Could this be the end for Manpreet?!

Manic Meena

Manpreet fills in Vinny on Meena's previous victims.

Terrified, Vinny reassures Manpreet that they're both going to be fine.

But when Meena injects Manpreet with more drugs, Vinny is left terrified, knowing that the end might be near.

A free Manpreet attacks Meena with a piece of wood, wounding her wrist. But a furious Meena soon gets the upper hand.

Later, she has an uncomfortable conversation with Liam.

Which leads to Meena telling that Manpreet and Vinny that today will be their final day alive...

Tracy makes a big decision

Tracy asks Nate to look after Frankie whilst she goes to her PND seminar.

Nate is thrilled to see that the atmosphere between the two is beginning to thaw.

However, Tracy informs Charity of her job offer in Nottingham, which Nste is completely unaware of.

Tracy worries about the disruption to her personal life.

To her surprise, Charity tells her to go for it!

But how will Nate take the news?!

Priya returns to work

Jai asks Leyla to get Priya working back in the office.

Priya is feeling determined on her first day back.

But struggling with the discomfort from her burns, Priya's stressed out when a forceful and unhappy client barges in on the warpath.


Jai and Kim reel from the Health and Safety fine they've received for the accidents at the Survival Challenge.

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Weekday evenings