TRAILER: 27 - 1 July Rakesh's burning desire to keep his secrets could reduce the Village to ashes...

Watch the on-screen promo that's teasing up a hot week in Emmerdale:

See MORE preview clips on the week's biggest stories:Sun 19 Jun 7pm: Belle CONFESSES to Lisa (preview clip)Mon 20 Jun 6:45pm: Bailey's wife DISCOVERS affair (preview clip)Tue 21 Jun 7pm: Holly SELLING drugs? (preview clip)Wed 22 Jun 6:45pm: Moira CATCHES Holly? (preview clip)Thu 23 Jun 7pm: Cain CONFRONTS Belle (preview clip)Thu 23 Jun 8pm: Simon ATTACKS Holly! (preview clip)Fri 24 Jun 7pm: Ross SABOTAGES Finn (preview clip)

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