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Fiona Wade Tells Us What To Expect Next Week!

Action, drama and suspense! Fiona Wade discusses what is was like to film big stunts...

What did you enjoy the most about being central to this huge week?

It’s exciting and wonderful to be involved in something so big. It’s been an amazing experience. There’s drama and action but there’s emotion there as well. What we’ve filmed for this week will have massive repercussions for so many in the village. 

What’s it been like on set? 

Everyone has been really excited and we were just ready to get stuck in. It’s been hard work but I think we were all ready for something like this. We’ve been so focused on making this a brilliant week of high drama. It’s very different to normal, it feels very different and I hope the audience enjoys watching it.

Did you enjoy filming the stunts?

Yes! I can’t tell you too much about my stunts but it’s been very exciting as we’ve been able to do some of them ourselves. It’s very action-packed and we’ve been doing completely different things to what we normally do, especially in the maze. It’s been so much fun but equally quite scary to film at times. The maze was so high and it was easy to get lost at times. It was a great setting to get into character. 

Have you had to step out of your comfort zone?

I think we’ve all stepped out of our comfort zones and that includes our characters. It’s been challenging but I’ve loved it.

Can you talk us through what’s going on with Priya and Ellis at the moment? 

Obviously, Ellis and Priya have set up this survival week and they’re working together. There’s a lot of chemistry there and there are some really lovely moments between them. But will they get it together and how will things go during this survival challenge? They really like each other and are definitely enjoying this project. There’s a spark there but there’s a love between them in terms of their friendship also. So there’s a lot going on. 

How have you enjoyed working together on this epic week of episodes?

It’s been brilliant. Aaron is wonderful to work with. We always have fun and we’ve had to do a lot of big stuff together. He’s a great support, a brilliant actor, and a fantastic person. He’s a great friend.

Are your characters in danger?

I think a lot of people are in danger during this week. No one is safe when Meena is involved but when you’re thrown into the mix of a survival week where the elements are also against you, the danger is heightened somewhat. 

Are you excited to see the episodes?

Definitely. It’s going to be different to what the audience are used to. Doing these bigger shoots are exciting. The audience can expect action, drama, suspense and they’re going to be on the edge of their seats. It’s fast-moving and it doesn’t stop. 

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