Weekday evenings

Gabby Thomas

Gabrielle hasn't had it easy, being abandoned by her mother when she was still a baby and then coping with her father and stepmother splitting up following Ashley’s domestic abuse of Gabby’s grandfather, Sandy.

That being said, she is the apple of her father (Ashley) and step-mother’s (Laurel) eye. Her mother (Bernice) does love her but Gabrielle knows how to play her, ensuring she gets showered with treats and lack of discipline. She is very close to her younger half brother Arthur.

Keywords to describe character: Wilfull, confused, strong, loving.

Domestic Set: Mullbery Cottage

Work Set: Attends Connelton Primary School

Relationships in show: Ashley (father), Bernice (mother), Arthur (brother), Diane (grandma), Rodney (grandfather).

First appearance: 2001

Likes: Being the centre of attention, nice clothes, gifts and doing her hair.

Dislikes: Being ignored, keeping secrets.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? For her mum and dad to be back together.

And finally... In a bid for attention, Gabby stole a bottle of vodka from her mums pub and took it to school with her, drank it and was suspended.

Weekday evenings