Gemma Oaten to leave Emmerdale

Gemma Oaten will be hanging up Rachel's tracksuits and leaving the Village later this year.

Having put Charity away, Rachel Breckle returned to live in the village where she fought for the heart of her ex-lover Sam Dingle who had, in her absence, started dating Tracy Shankley.

Rachel has now secured her man but once again is struggling to fight for her son Archie, as Jai Sharma is putting up tough resistance, wanting full custody of the boy.

With the stresses and strains taking their toll, Rachel will start lashing out and taking out her anger on gentle boyfriend Sam Dingle. Will he put up with being on the receiving end of her angry behaviour?

Keeping it a secret was hard and I didn't even tell some of my closest family and friends.

Gemma Oaten, on Rachel's return earlier this year

Speaking to Gemma on Rachel's return and impending departure from the Village: "It was fantastic coming back to Emmerdale for the surprise return in January.

Keeping it a secret was hard and I didn't even tell some of my closest family and friends.

I was thrilled to stay longer than the couple of months I was originally contracted for and I'm now looking forward to my next chapter and future roles.

I don't want to give away details about my exit other than to say there is a lot more to happen before I go - and I'm very excited and proud of what's coming up on Emmerdale."

Stay tuned for more information on what's to come for Rachel Breckle...

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