Weekday evenings

Jacob Gallagher

Jacob is a perfect mixture of emotions and characteristics. Cheeky, youthful, sensitive, thoughtful, rebellious, manipulative and perceptive.

He is completely dedicated to his mum Alicia and has no idea that Alicia’s sister is actually his biological mother. He would love Alicia to settle down with someone, preferably David as he wants to see her happy and to stay in Emmerdale.

Keywords to describe character: Spirited, caring, cheeky, thoughtful, older than his years.

Domestic Set: Pollard Barn Conversion

Work Set: Attends Connelton Primary School

Relationships in show: Alicia (mum), David (previous partner to his mum), Eric and Val (landlords, housemates).

First appearance: 12th August 2012

Likes: Playing football, playing computer games.

Dislikes: People lying to him, despite their best intentions.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? Be a proper family with Alicia,

Weekday evenings