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Jai Sharma

Jai is a sharp-suited businessman with a quick mind, plenty of common sense and a good line in playful chat. Charming, friendly and personable, he appears extremely confident and can easily make people feel at ease.

Seen as the stronger of the brothers in business he does not exercise such strong judgement in his personal life. But he is dedicated to his wife Charity and despite his families initial misgivings, they seem to be a well suited couple.

Keywords to describe character: Savvy, personable, secretive, desperate to be a real father.

Domestic Set: Holdgate Farm

Work Set: Sharma and Sharma Sweet Factory (part owner but seen as head of the business).

Relationships in show: Charity (wife), Noah (step-son), All of the Sharma's, Rachel (cleaner and mother of his secret child Archie), Archie (son), Declan (but did sleep with Declan's wife and was the biological father to Mia, Declan's 'daughter').

First appearance: September 2009

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: Married to Charity, had 2 children; Mia (secret - deceased), Archie (a secret).

Likes: Money, power, children.

Dislikes: Being out of control, being messy, the thought of being poor.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To be a dad to his son and keep his wife!

Weekday evenings