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Jimmy King

Jimmy is the eldest King brother, but has been less successful in business than two of his brothers Matthew and Carl, and less sophisticated than his veterinary brother Max.

Jimmy does try to be more successful but despite his good intentions can sometimes end up making a fool of himself...but at least he’s still alive! Since meeting Nicola and having Angelica, he's proved to be a really good family man and would do anything for them. Jimmy and Nicola are a classic soap couple who are continually arguing and at odds with one another….but who absolutely dote on each other and could not live without one another.

Keywords to describe character: Clumsy, loveable, hapless.

Domestic Set: Mill Cottage

Work Set: Emmerdale Haulage (part owner with Charity Sharma)

Relationships in show: Nicola (wife), Angelica (daughter)

First appearance: February 2004

Awards / Nominations: Nominated for Best On-Screen Partnership at the 2010 British Soap Awards (with Nicola).

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 3 dead brothers, 1 dead dad, only surviving male King!

Likes: Golf, fishing.

Dislikes: Hummus

If they could have one wish, what would it be? An easy life.

And finally... Jimmy suffered with amnesia in 2010 - he had to try to piece back his life, but had two women telling him conflicting information! Jimmy also has some sperm saved but Nicola doesn't know.... shhh!

Weekday evenings