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And That's A Wrap for Harriet, AKA Katherine Dow Blyton

After 10 years, we're saying goodbye to Harriet. Will you miss playing the character?

I will very much miss playing her although I won’t miss wearing the police uniform. What I loved about coming into Emmerdale and what really made me want to play Harriet was because she was coming in as the vicar. I loved playing the vicar and the fact that she was flawed and she was a bit off the wall. She had a sense of humour and I loved the character. I’ll very much miss her but she’s with me obviously. We’re not too dissimilar.

What was it like filming the death scenes?

I got very emotional reading it. On the actual day I was covered in blood and I had various bits of woodland hanging out of my hair. We had these industrial wind machines which were literally blowing sand and debris into your eyes. So when it came to it, it wasn’t as emotional because the technicality of what you have to do takes away from the emotion so I managed to get through the day without sobbing. The death wasn’t my last scene though but on my last day I received flowers and lovely gifts and messages. I don’t think it will hit me that I’m not going back for a couple of weeks because it feels like I’m on a break but it will slowly hit me.

Did you have a good leaving do?

I had a meal and then we had drinks and it was lovely. I’ve made a lot of really good friends in the cast and crew and I know I’ll stay in touch with so many of them.

What's your standout memory of working on Emmerdale?

Having an affair with Cain was stand-out and being involved in all the Malone storyline was a tricky one to do but enjoyable in a weird way. Working with Olivia Bromley has been an absolute joy. She’s one of the nicest, sweetest people. The highlights are with the people I’ve worked with.

Three words that best describe Harriet?

Passionate, quirky, loyal.

Did you take any Harriet souvenirs?

I’ve asked for the plaque that was removed from St Mary's church where it says Harriet Finch was the vicar. Hopefully somebody has saved that for me and I’ll get that. Seeing Harriet Finch up as the vicar was a particular high point for me. 

What's next for Katherine?

For the first time in my life I don’t have any plans. I think I need time to decompress and to reevaluate what I want the next part of my life to be. I have so many big decisions but I’m going to feel my way for the rest of this year and reconnect with my friends in London. Just live my life for a bit and not set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning. I’ve done a few self tapes so there’s always something bubbling away but I’m leaving it up to the universe for a couple of months just to see where life takes me.

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