Weekday evenings

Kerry Wyatt

Kerry had Amy young - too young - and despite her best efforts to raise Amy herself, Amy ended up in care. Kerry insists that losing Amy remains the biggest regret of her life.

Surrounded by chaos, Kerry likes to think of herself as loyal and well-intentioned; but she can be manipulative to get what she wants, and she’s highly unreliable. She can be charming, witty, warm, and is capable of wrapping people around her little finger – until they realise what high-maintenance friend she can be.

Keywords to describe character: Irresponsible, chaotic, needy, outspoken, tart with a heart.

Domestic Set: Dale View

Work Set: Sharma and Sharma Sweet Factory

Relationships in show: Amy (daughter), Andy (boyfriend), Val (daughters foster mother).

First appearance: 17th July 2012

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: Never married.

Likes: Going out drinking.

Dislikes: Growing up.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? For life to be a constant holiday.

And finally... Kerry is diabetic... and her chaotic personality doesn't quite match her need to look after herself.

Weekday evenings