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Kerry's Make-up Hacks: Fake a fringe

Kerry's back with a Beyonce tribute - learn how to FAKE a fabulous fringe and rule the world!

In honour of the Queen B, Kerry's gone all patriotic and shows you how to get a fringe look without cutting a single hair.

Get yourself a hair tie, grips, a brush and straighteners and get going!

Step 1.Start off by pulling your hair through the hair tie, making a high ponytail. Separate the ponytail in half.

Step 2.Bring the front section forward and clip away the back one for now so it doesn’t get in your way. Using the front section, Pull the hair up so the ends rest on your forehead just above your eyes, then pin the hair directly below the hair tie.

Step 3.Now you’re gonna drag the hair tie up and tie the flappy bits to the back section of the ponytail. Otherwise, you gonna look like a right munter.

Step 4.Lightly backcomb the length before wrapping it around to make a bun, putting grips in to secure the bun to your head. Take the straighteners and fix your new fringe downwards to give it shape.

And there you have it- a fringe without a haircut!

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Weekday evenings