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Kerry's Make-up Hacks: Halloween Sugar Skull

Look DEAD good with a SPOOKTACULAR sugar skull hack for Halloween!

Kerry's back with a Halloween Hack - see how to look DEAD good with a SPOOKTACULAR sugar skull hack using just the contents of your handbag.

Get yourself a black eyeliner, a red lip liner, a brush and a bright eye shadow.

Step 1.Take your eyeliner and draw a circle outline starting from the corner of your eye, up and around the brow line and underneath your ‘bag line’.

Using the same black eyeliner, fill in both circles.

Step2.You’ll then need to drawn an upside down heart on the tip of your nose using the same black eyeliner. Once again, fill this in.

Step3.Using your bright eye shadow and brush, fill around the dark eye circles to make those eyes pop!

Step4.To create the skeleton grin, draw an extended line either side of your mouth using the black eyeliner. Mark on the teeth using vertical lines.

Step 5.

THE FINISHING TOUCH! Take your red lip liner and draw lots of petals around the bright eye shadow under and above your eyes. Fill in the petals to add colour!

And there you have it- a sweet and spooky sugar skull look for nowt!

Weekday evenings