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Kerry's Make-up Hacks: Hashtag Smokey Eyes

Take your glam look from #FAIL to #FABULOUS with Kerry's hashtag smokey eyes trick!

Need a new night look? If you want to be WINNING instead of FAIL(ing), use this hashtag trick to get the perfect smokey eye without looking like a one big hot mess.

All you need is an eyeliner pencil and a makeup brush.

Step 1.

To get that natural, ‘Come hither’ shadow, take one of your eye lids and hold it down tight (not too tight or you’re gonna stretch your eyelids out!)

Step 2.

Take the eyeliner now and, starting at the edge of your eye, draw a hashtag pointing in towards your nose.

Repeat the drawing on your other eye.

Step 3.Once you’ve drawn your signs on, just blend the hashtags up and in towards the corner of your eyes. For a darker more sex kitten look, keep drawing and blending hashtags until you’re made up.

Voila! Who’s looking proper mint now? #StillGotIt!

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Weekday evenings