Kerry's Make-up Hacks: Killer contouring

Look like you've instantly lost 10 pounds from your face - without losing it from your wallet on expensive products! (RESULTS NOT GUARANTEED.)

Get yourself some brown and white eyeshadows and a blush brush.

Step 1.Right, so first off take your brush and grab your brown eyeshadow – it should be a proper dark brown to give you proper deep definition. Don’t worry your head, you’ll be blending it in – not gonna leave you with 80s popstar face.Step 2.Dip your brush in your shadow, and then bring the brush up to your cheeks – you want to hold the brush at an angle like you’re eating a chicken leg.Step 3.Bounce the brush from the middle of your cheeks up to your hairline. WARNING: Don’t go too far down your cheeks or you’ll have a beard!Step 4.Keep bouncing the brush up the side of your temple to get that really glowing, Kim Kardashian halo effect.Step 5.Wipe your brush off making sure it’s proper clean and get the white shadow. Dip the brush into the white eyeshadow and, with the same chicken leg angle, bounce it over your cheekbones.**PROFESSIONAL TIP*******For an extra fierce look, give the illusion of a slim conk by dusting white shadow down the bridge of your nose.

VOILA! Fit as in less than 5 minutes.

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