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Kim's Succession: Al Chapman

With Kim's behaviour having an impact on the business, we asked Michael Wildman how far Al would go to take control?

So is Al surprised to be invited to this lunch?No I don’t think he is.  He is a business associate and has a good working relationship with Kim.

They go way back. Although Kim’s been a bit short with him recently. I think some of the trust may have broken down. 

Has he noticed that Kim seems to have changed recently?I think he’s realised something is afoot.  She’s not been breathing down their necks as much as before. But also I think he’s aware she’s letting things slip that she wouldn’t have let slide before. She’s been making mistakes on contracts. 

Does Al like being up at Home Farm?Of course. Al loves the status that Home Farm affords within the village. He would love to live there. 

Do you think Al could be capable of running the whole enterprise?Yes I believe he thinks so. Whether she would just sign it over to him is another matter.. Although she might do that just to make Jai irate! 

Is Al surprised when Kim says she is stepping back from things?Yes Al is very bemused by that. The Kim Tate of old would not just walk away from a business. He is wondering what is happening?

Is Al surprised who else is gathered for this lunch?Yes, he is a little. He realises Dawn is with Jamie but she is an odd choice. But Kim’s been acting so strangely maybe even she has a stake in things now.

Is Al the poisoner?Ha! For that answer you will have to wait and see.

Weekday evenings