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Kim's Succession: Jamie Tate

Alex Lincoln shares Jamie's suspicions about what Kim is up to and ponders who would gain the most at seeing his mum out of the way...

How is Jamie before this formal lunch?Jamie has not been getting on with his mother for a while. She isn’t pleased with his choice of partner. However, with Kim being a bit fuzzy and forgetful I think Jamie is slightly concerned about that. He thinks people are starting to take advantage of her. But at the time of the lunch, Kim and Jamie are not particularly close and it’s not as happy as it has been. 

It can’t help that Kim doesn’t like Dawn, his girlfriend?Yes, this is where a lot of the animosity between them has come from. I don’t honestly think Kim would like anyone he was with. No one would be quite good enough for her boy. Especially not Dawn. 

Is Jamie worried about Gabby’s position in the house?Yes she is one of the main people he believes is taking advantage of Kim. He doesn't trust her one iota. Gabby is manipulative and conniving. Jamie tried to get Noah to be his eyes and ears in the house but that hasn’t gone quite to plan. 

Jamie really doesn’t like Gabby. The fact Gabby is pregnant and Kim can now get her claws into a new Tate dynasty could be a factor that clouds Kim’s judgement in Jamie’s mind. He is worried Kim will hand everything to Gabby whether that is assets, or the house, or the business. Jamie is concerned about that and he feels like Gabby is using the pregnancy in order to do that.

Of course in actual fact it is his own fault Gabby is pregnant to start with. He was rather stupid there. Now Gabby is taking advantage of Kim’s confusion

Is he concerned Will, Al and Jai are also around this same table - does that worry Jamie?He is totally shocked the others are there too. Due to all the confusion she is experiencing Jamie is not sure if Kim knows what she is doing. He is really worried she could just do something really rash. I think she has been acting out of character for a while.  Before the confusion there is no way that Kim would have considered just giving up and handing over the business. Previously she would never have talked of retiring but this is what she is essentially saying. It’s very out of character and I think Jamie is really trying to work out what exactly is going on. As she’s just not herself.

For Kim Tate to be talking of giving up - it is a real shock and he’s not quite sure why she wants to. I don't think he fully believes she wants to step back. I think he’s suspicious something else is going on. 

Could Jamie be the one? Well they are not getting on and he’s living in the house, so he has the access...!

Weekday evenings