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Kim's Succession: Jai Sharma

How far will Jai go to get his hands on Home Farm? Chris Bisson teases what's coming up...

Is Jai bemused why Kim has suddenly invited them all to this formal lunch?Nobody knows why they have been invited to the lunch. The invites landed through their letterboxes that morning for lunch that same day, which is odd.  There is a conversation in the village where Dawn, Jamie and Jai are all talking, they are all slightly unsure what to expect.

Andrea comments to them how Kim is probably going to murder them all but then she jokes it’s probably worse than that.

 How does Jai feel about Kim at the moment?Kim’s not been pulling her weight at the business - so, Jai has essentially been left running it. Kim’s also making a lot of mistakes, missing details on contracts etc. So for Jai her situation is increasing his workload and really starting to frustrate and annoy him. She’s just not pulling her weight despite her stake in the business. Her being forgetful is a real hindrance to him at the moment.

His motive would be to undermine, convince everyone she’s not capable and then try and take full control of the business. A bit of payback for the way she treated Rishi when he was forced to sell his share of Sharma & Sharma to her.

Between Jai and Kim there has always been a bit of a power struggle as she always assumes the role of boss but actually she isn’t - technically they are partners... That definitely irritates Jai.  Since Kim has taken her eyes off the ball Jai has been more assertive with her. 

Are all the guests apprehensive as they gather in the house?Yes, but I would say Jai is more suspicious rather than apprehensive.

At the lunch Kim announces one of them will be a successor. Does Jai think he’s in line for that?Well he already owns half of the business. I don’t think he believes she is just going to hand the other half on a plate. I think he is more concerned that Al will get a bigger share than he’s got... Or even Kim’s share.

If that happened Jai would be really worried. He wants to be at that table to stop that. The only concern for Jai is that if Kim passed her shares on to Al he would be the majority shareholder in the business. So, the only jeopardy for Jai is probably Al. Al goes in quite hard trying to convince Kim he should be the one that takes over. 

 Could Jai be the poisoner?Errrm… yes, he could – but I doubt he’d be doing it to kill her. Although, if she was affected enough to relinquish control of the business I suppose that would be in Jai’s interests.  He wouldn’t mind it if Jamie or Gabby got the business as I think Jai feels he could manipulate them easier than Kim.

Weekday evenings