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Kim's Succession: Kim Tate

Kim Tate is being poisoned. The only way to find out who is doing it? To set a trap! Claire King reveals all...

So Kim knows she is being poisoned.. Tell us how she found out ?When Lydia was at the house doing the cleaning she got herself all upset about what has been going on in her life. So Kim very kindly offers to give her a drink of brandy. They have a brandy together and within a couple of hours Lydia is suddenly feeling nauseous and almost as though she has drunk a whole bottle rather than a short glass.

The next day when she asks Lydia how she feels, Lydia says she feels as though she has been hit by a truck. It is then that Kim starts suspecting the brandy is laced with something. She gets her bloods checked immediately by the doctor again and she’s told her blood contains diazepam. This is a big relief for Kim because obviously she’s been thinking she has dementia and having tests for it.

But to find out that actually her brandy has been laced and it's not dementia but poisoning, well she now has to find out who is the culprit. Who is doing this to her?

Has the penny dropped what has been wrong with her all along? She thinks now that must have been what has been making her feel so ill for the last couple of months at least. So the penny has dropped. But now she has got the problem of finding out who it is.

So Kim, in her typical way, sets traps. She sets up a spy camera to try and find out who it is that is lacing her brandy. She arranges a lunch party where she invites people to come round and she tries to flush them out to see if anyone will make a mistake. 

How does she feel she must be feeling very vengeful and angry.At this point she wants to get to the bottom of who it is then deal with them once she knows.

Will she get her revenge?Knowing Kim she will definitely get her revenge.

Tell us about this lunch..   What is she aiming to do? She gathers all of them. She makes a list and invites them all. She’s put Jai and Al on this list because they’ve been giving her a lot of grief about work and she doesn’t completely trust them as far as the business is concerned. so she has to include those two.

There is Dawn. Kim has previously spiked her drink so she thinks this could be revenge. She also dislikes Dawn intensely as she is seeing Jamie, so Kim wonders if Dawn might want Kim out of the way.

Will is on there because he’s Dawn’s father, he’s in and out of the house and he might get Kim back for her treatment of Dawn.

She suspects Gabby because she now doesn’t trust her very much as she has been stealing from her and thinks that maybe Gabby has ulterior motives about getting her hands on Home Farm and of course her son Jamie because he’s living in the house and the brandy is in the house.

All of them have access to the house, so they are all possible culprits. She’s ruled out Lydia at this point because she drank it and just seemed totally innocent of it. Also Lydia has been a real support and help to Kim recently when she  passed out. So yes, she has ruled Lydia out. 

Does anyone else know she is being poisoned or is she keeping quiet about it.No just Kim. She is keeping her cards close to her chest on this one. Because she doesn’t trust anybody at the moment, including Jamie, Gabby and Will. These are people that are very close to her but she is keeping it to herself and not giving the game away until she has found out. 

What does she tell her lunch guests? When they are all gathered she actually throws a bit of curved ball, or red herring to them by saying she is going to retire - she has had enough of the business and she wants to hand it on to a successor.

This is her throwing a line out.. seeing who will be reeled in by this. Who is going to be the most sycophantic? Who wants it the most? Who is going to go to the ends of the earth to try and be the successor to Kim. And hopefully this is her way of trying to flush out the culprit.

Do they look shocked at this revelation? They are completely shocked. They never thought they would see Kim Tate actually retire but she convinces them that this is it. She wants to kick back and enjoy herself from now on. Now she has made her millions. She wants somebody to take over the day to day running of the business, although I’m sure she will keep her fingers in pies. She convinces them she wants to retire and give it all up. 

What next?It’s now a waiting game to see who she can flush out and discover who it is that is doing it to her.  

The lunch party is just the start of it. I’m sure there will be many other plans to try and test each one of them. Who will fail?

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