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Kim's Succession: Dawn Taylor

Dawn and Kim were never going to be the best of friends but is their feud enough to kill for? Olivia Bromley hints at what's next...

So how does Dawn feel to also get an invite to Kim's formal lunch?Dawn is very confused when she is invited. She doesn’t trust Kim at all. She knows Kim is dangerous after the spiked drink incident and she knows Kim does not approve of her relationship with Jamie at all.

But Dawn is falling in love with Jamie and is intrigued about what the invite means. 

Is she surprised she’s at this formal lunch when Kim seems to normally hate her?Yes, really surprised! I think a small part of her hopes that she is finally being accepted, but underneath she is deeply suspicious about the whole thing.

Does she feel out of her depth?Dawn often feels out of her depth with the Tates. She constantly feels judged for her past and that she doesn’t fit in. But she can hold her own with Kim and Gabby. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself.

Has Dawn noticed Kim has been behaving differently recently?Dawn has noticed Kim isn’t quite herself and is a bit concerned, but she can’t put her finger on what’s wrong. She also notices Kim softening towards her a bit, which confuses Dawn after there has been so much hatred between the women. 

Dawn does raise some concerns with Jamie, but she doesn’t see Kim as someone who is vulnerable or in trouble. She is deeply distrustful of her. 

Apart from her hatred for Gabby who else is Dawn wary of around that table.It’s definitely not the most comfortable dinner party for Dawn! She has her ex-employer Jay at the table, he has fired her from at least two jobs in the past, as well as Al, of whom she has been distrustful of since she was with Billy.

Gabby being pregnant with Jamie’s child causes her a lot of distress and her own father is falling for the woman she hates! All in all it’s quite a hellish guest list. 

Is she surprised when Kim says she is stepping back and wants a successor. Yeah she is very surprised and thinks it’s out of the blue. The vulnerability in Kim really shocks her. 

Does she think she is capable of that?Kim is powerful and dangerous in Dawn’s eyes...she doesn’t want Jamie to be dragged into his mother’s world any further. She can’t imagine Kim stepping back quietly.

Does she think Kim is out of character enough to do that - to hand it all to Dawn?Dawn is ambitious and wants to elevate herself from her current situation. She wants to escape her past and shake it off - and if Kim were to hand anything to Dawn, it would completely change her circumstances. But Dawn doesn’t for a second think she has a look in. She isn’t with Jamie for his money after all - she has really fallen for him. 

If so what would she do with it all?If Dawn were to inherit anything from Kim, her main focus would be her son and how she could make a better life for him and her dad. She has dreamed about an opportunity like this but never believed it could be possible for someone like her.

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Weekday evenings