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Kim's Succession: The Battle For Home Farm

Kim Tate is being drugged and when she realises it’s someone close to her she sets a trap.

In Kim’s true calculating style she sends out formal invitations to her nearest and dearest requesting their presence for lunch at Home Farm.

Once they are all gathered her ruse begins as she announces she is retiring and needs to appoint a successor from amongst them. 

At this point the bickering begins...

Claire King explains:

"Kim is throwing out a line and then seeing who will be reeled in by her shock announcement. Who wants to succeed her the most?  Who will she flush out and expose as her poisoner? Once again Kim holds all the cards - it’s now a waiting game."

The Battle for Home Farm commences as her suspects are all gathered around the table - but which one is poisoning Kim?

Emmerdale Story Producer Sophie Roper explains:

"Kim’s explosive discovery will send her on a quest for vengeance that will rock the Tate Empire like never before. With a traitor in her midst, Kim’s a very dangerous enemy and as the plot to unmask her poisoner thickens, Home Farm will become a hotbed for secrets and lies.

"But as Kim discovers who has committed the ultimate betrayal, will Kim be able to stop them before they stop her…"

These scenes will air later this month. Keep up to date with all the latest goings-on in the Dales over on the ITV Hub

Weekday evenings