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Kim's Succession: Will Taylor

Will's loyalties are split between Kim and Dawn but how far will he go to protect his daughter? Dean Andrews teases what happens next!

How has Will been getting on with Kim recently?He’s been getting on pretty well with her really. I think he is starting to soften towards her a little bit. They seem to get on well and she seems to trust him to be a bit of a sounding board for her. He kind of looks out for her a bit. So yes, I think they’ve been getting on against all odds quite well. 

Has he noticed that she has been out of sorts?Yes, I think he knows that something is not quite right. She mentioned the dementia test that she went for. He’s noticed that she has seemed a little bit off kilter for a while.

He recently told Dawn to be careful around Kim. Is he wary of her at the moment?I think he is caught in between. He has a responsibility to his daughter Dawn because she is going out with Jamie, or certainly it’s looking like they are. But his boss Kim likes her own way and she doesn’t like Dawn and has commented on one or two things about Dawn and how she doesn’t like her. 

Is Will surprised when he suddenly gets this formal lunch invitation?Yeah he actually says to Kim why did you invite me? She does kind of confirm even though it’s not of course the real truth that she just likes him around and likes the support. I think Will gives her a stable environment. Whether she means it completely or not he takes it at face value and goes along. 

What does he think the formal lunch is for?Just gathering a few people together. He doesn’t have prior knowledge of what she is going to say. 

Is he surprised by who else is there?He’s not surprised by Al, Will or Jamie as they all work together. I think he assumes it is a business thing. It’s when Dawn walks in he thinks that’s a bit odd. It’s unusual so then he’s not quite so sure what is going on. 

When Kim drops the bombshell she is retiring and appointing a successor, is Will shocked?Yes I think Will is shocked when she says she is retiring. Although he would do the same in her shoes. He’s previously muted before with her that if he had that kind of money he’d kick back and relax and enjoy it. 

Does he question if he could be that person?I don’t think so. I don’t feel like he’s heading that way. I just think he feels there as a support to her. He knows he’s got good ideas but I don't think he thinks he’s about to run the place.

Could Will be the poisoner? Yes he could. To get her back for his daughter. He keeps getting reminders from Dawn that he’s not done anything about that fight. And as a father of a daughter I don’t think he would want to let her down. He’s also up at Home Farm - he’s got access. He can walk in when he feels like it. He can make excuses that he’s there for different reasons.  He’s got the accessibility to poison Kim for sure.

Weekday evenings