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Laurel Thomas

Everybody used to think of Laurel as loyal, dependable and free of scandal almost, as Nicola would say, a “goody-two-shoes” . Her quirky sense of humour and dress was not one of your typical vicar's wife but she seemed to suit that role in the village.

Now that she is with the love of her life, Marlon Dingle, Laurel has been given a new lease of life. She is still a positive, determined, happy, caring, forgiving, maternal character but has a real spark about her and is not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right, even if it makes her unpopular with her children.

Keywords to describe character: Quirky, bubbly, compassionate, good listener, fun loving, responsible, realistic.

Domestic Set: Tall Trees

Work Set: Sharma and Sharma Sweet Factory

Relationships in show: Marlon (boyfriend), Ashley (ex-husband), Gabby (step-daughter), Arthur (son with Ashley).

First appearance: September 2002

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 1 son, 1 step-daughter, 1 son died at 6 months old.

Likes: Cooking, family time, people getting on.

Dislikes: Being rejected by her step daughter Gabby now her mum is back.

And finally... Laurel's been known to dress up as a singing bumblebee!

Weekday evenings