Weekday evenings

Lizzie Lakely

Despite her disability, Lizzie is a big ball of fun and mischief. Full of jokes, a few scams and plenty of flirting she is the life and soul of a party …..and even just a normal day at work.

Sometimes she stops joking and admits her vulnerable side but she is never pessimistic or melancholy.

Keywords to describe character: Fun, mischievous.

Domestic Set: Wishing Well (with Zak and Lisa).

Work Set: Sharma and Sharma Sweet Factory.

Relationships in show: Lisa (best friend), Marlon (previous housemate).

First appearance: April 2009

Favourite line: "Have you ever been scared of the dark? Well that's my life. Except I can't turn the light on to prove to myself everything's alright".

Likes: Gene Pitney, having a laugh, the odd bit of thievery (but not so much anymore).

Dislikes: People feeling sorry for her, being alone.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? Her sight back, failing that - a fella.

And finally... Lizzie had a friend who tried mussels as an aphrodisiac once. She thinks it didnt work because she had a hair top lip and wore an anorak.

Weekday evenings