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Megan Macey

Megan is feisty, independent, driven, and loves doing business. She is quick to realise money making opportunities and works hard.

Underneath, she is vulnerable. She has a strong need for her brother, Declan to recognise her worth and for the son she abandoned to love her. Maternal instincts don’t come naturally with Robbie but typically, she is working at it.

Keywords to describe character: Feisty, direct, inwardly vulnerable, determined.

Domestic Set: Home Farm

Work Set: Home Farm Estates, own wedding business.

Relationships in show: Robbie, Declan, Katie.

First appearance: 21st February 2012

Favourite line: She once said to a bloke "you can chuck out of bed in the morning and not 'til tea".

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: No spouse, 1 child.

Likes: Money & business.

Dislikes: Being made a fool of.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? To improve her relationship with Robbie.

And finally... Megan drew on her experience of a mother with mental health issues to support Zak during his breakdown.

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Weekday evenings