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Nicola King

Nicola can be a barrel of laughs, loud and even fierce! She can be full-on and flirtatious, yet there's another side to her; when it comes down to it, Nicola's still a little girl, and a bit of an innocent....not really!!!

She had a ruthless business streak and tried to kill her sugar daddy! She still hasn't learnt from her mistakes and trusts too much. Very often she'll give way easily (although Jimmy might disagree!). She is a very protective (some would say pushy) mum and understands the importance of marriage and a stable family atmosphere despite what life throws at her. She definitely livens up the village, especially with her habit of speaking out loud before her brain is engaged.

Keywords to describe character: Competetive, blunt, working mum, ambitious.

Domestic Set: Mill Cottage

Work Set: Home Farm

Relationships in show: Jimmy (husband), Angelica (daughter), Rodney (father), Bernice (sister), Gabbie (niece).

First appearance: January 2001

Awards / Nominations: Nominated for Best On-Screen Partnership at the 2010 British Soap Awards (with Jimmy).

Likes: Pretending she is posher than she actually is.

Dislikes: Not having enough money.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? For Angelica to be massively successful, she'd basically like to live out her dreams through her!

And finally... Nicola got so fed up of her starry-eyed sister waiting for her married lover, that she called the mans wife to tell her about the affair!

Weekday evenings