Weekday evenings

Noah (Tate) Dingle

Noah is a good kid considering his start in life (Charity was pregnant in prison after being convicted of the murder of his father, Chris). He is well-behaved and inquisitive but a cheeky monkey at times…just like his mum!

Jai , his stepfather, and Noah have developed a good relationship and Jai treats him as his own. Noah loves to play football and feel like one of the boys.

Keywords to describe character: Cheeky, outspoken

Domestic Set: Holdgate Farm

Work Set: Attends primary school

Relationships in show: Charity (mum), Jai (step dad), All the Sharmas & Dingles, Jacob (friend).

First appearance: 2004 (as a baby), returned to the village in 2009

Likes: Messing about with his stepfather Jai, playing football, playing computer games.

Dislikes: Moving around a lot, his mum's failed relationships.

Weekday evenings