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Paula Lane & Jonny McPherson Chat About Ella's Confession

Paula Lane and Jonny McPherson discuss the revelations of Ella’s past and what the future looks like for the couple.

Paula Lane

What was going through Ella’s mind when Liam turned up at the graveyard?

Ella was so shocked to see Liam at the graveyard, I think in her head she was so baffled as to why he had turned up and then when it looked like the situation was about to escalate she had no choice but to intervene and reveal herself.

She opens up to Liam about everything that happened with Joanne, is this a relief in a way?

Ella is so ashamed of her past and she knows that as soon as she reveals all she risks losing everything with Liam. Everytime the truth has come out in the past, she has had to move on and start again, so it's incredibly painful to share and know that there is no going back now. I guess she feels he deserves the truth especially with everything he went through with Leanna.

Has keeping this secret eaten away at her?

It's a heaviness she carries all the time in the back of her mind. Pretending to carry on as normal is a short term fix and behind closed doors the guilt is very real. Every birthday is a reminder of what happened and will never allow her to fully move on.

Soon Ella is outed in The Woolpack and the response she gets is hostile. Is this something she’s experienced before?

In a conversation with Mandy, Ella says she always had to run when the truth has been exposed. I expect she's experienced this reaction quite a few times and then has found herself living out of her car again

Going forward, will Ella have someone she can rely on?

Mandy and Ella from day one found something in each other that just sparked. I think because the two have admitted they both have dark pasts and haven't made the best choices in life, there is a real empathy there and protective nature for each other.

What’s it been like working with Jonny Mcpherson on this storyline?

Jonny has welcomed me into the fold and we have a great time on set. He makes me feel super short as he's so tall! We both take our work seriously but then in between we have lots of laughs mainly about our dogs in real life! A lot of the scenes have been very intense and emotional so it's important to be able to shake it off and relax.

Jonny McPherson

How does Liam feel following Ella’s admission?

Liam is absolutely devastated. I think it’s multifaceted in that he had trusted Ella, he had taken her in when she was homeless but the main thing is the fact she did what she did - as it relates so much to his daughter having been murdered all those years ago.  So it is a double betrayal. 

Leanna was murdered by Meena, does her admission bring back all those emotions?

Ella’s confession and her story has brought Leanna’s death all back for him.  He can’t believe she has lived in his house whilst guarding that secret given she knew what had happened to Leanna.

Did he love Ella? 

Yes he did, this betrayal is a big thing for him. 

Can Liam ever move forward from this with Ella?

I think this relationship is now almost definitely cooked! I mean never say never but I would say it’s almost definitely it. 

Liam gave Ella so many opportunities to tell him the truth, how angry is he that she carried on keeping this from him?

On multiple occasions Ella could have told him the truth. She had so many chances to open up and tell him about her past but she didn’t. And just the fact she moved into his house and they were actually cohabiting. He was living at such a close proximity to someone who had killed somebody’s daughter.  So many layers of lies.  He feels utterly betrayed and very upset.

What does the future hold for their relationship?

I don’t think there is any coming back from it. 

In terms of her profession do you think Ella will be able to stay in her job as receptionist working so closely with Liam?

I don’t think so.. It’s quite an untenable situation now.. 

What’s it been like working with Paula Lane closely on this storyline?

She is wonderful. And as she spent six years on Corrie she is impeccably professional. She’s great company too. She is just a brilliant actress. The recent monologue she recorded, she nailed it. I watched it in the AD office just before I went home. I was choked up watching her performance. It was a masterclass. 

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