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Picture preview: Aaron is Robert's victim (20 - 24 Jul)

Robert will do anything to keep his secrets from seeing the light of day...

At the holiday lodge, Aaron is on edge as he waits for Robert.

When he arrives, they both head inside...
...with Aaron acting as normal as he can...
...covering his hatred.
When Robert's back is turned, Aaron takes out his mobile phone and hits record.
But will his trap work? Robert is unsettled by all Aaron's questions and tries to kiss him...
..but Aaron can't. Pushing Robert away and fighting him.
Aaron blurts what he knows and Robert is stunned as Aaron accuses him of trying to kill Paddy. Robert tries to explain, but soon the conversation turns to Katie's death and Aaron is utterly dumbfounded by what Robert admits to and launches himself at him.
Desperate to defend himself Robert hits Aaron hard with a beer bottle, knocking him out. Robert panics not knowing what to do Aaron is lying unconscious with a bleeding head.
Later on, Aaron wakes up tied to the radiator. He attempts to weaken the cord around his wrists when Robert returns with food and water. It quickly turns into a heated argument as they discuss Katie. Robert tries to remain calm but ends the conversation by pulling out a gun. Later, Robert walks over to the gun, picks it up and points it at Aaron, who doesn't look away knowing this could be the end. Beginning to shake, Robert slowly pulls the trigger when the door slams open and there's a bang.

Has Robert SHOT Aaron?

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The InsideSoap Awards 2015 is now open for voting. Check out which categories we've been nominated in before you vote for Emmerdale on the InsideSoap Awards website

Here's the Emmerdale longlist :

Best ActorJeff Hordley (Cain Dingle)Danny Miller (Aaron Livesy)Michael Parr (Ross Barton)

Best ActressNatalie Anderson (Alicia Metcalfe)Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel Dingle)Charley Webb (Debbie Dingle)

Best Bad BoyRyan Hawley (Robert Sugden)Michael Parr (Ross Barton)

Best Bad GirlEmma Atkins (Charity Dingle)Gillian Kearney (Emma Barton)

Funniest MaleNick Miles (Jimmy King)Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe)

Funniest FemaleSamantha Giles (Bernice Blackstock)Laura Norton (Kerry Wyatt)

Best NewcomerThomas Atkinson (Lachlan White)Ryan Hawley (Robert Sugden)

Best Young ActorThomas Atkinson (Lachlan White)Amelia Flanagan (April Windsor)

Sexiest MaleDanny Miller (Aaron Livesy)Michael Parr (Ross Barton)

Sexiest FemaleNatalie Anderson (Alicia Metcalfe)Gemma Atkinson (Carly Hope)

Best Shock TwistRachel's return and sending Charity downRobert & Aaron's relationship

Best AffairDebbie Dingle & Ross BartonRobert Sudgen & Aaron Livesy

Best PartnershipCharlie Hardwick & Chris Chittell (Val & Eric Pollard)Ryan Hawley & Danny Miller (Robert Sugden & Aaron Livesy)

Best Show-StopperCharity & Declan's cottage in the woodsDonna Windsor's deathBest Soap: Emmerdale

The first round in voting closes at 5pm on Monday 31 August, so get your vote in!

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