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Picture preview: Andy's in hospital! (30-4 Jul)

Diane's come to visit Bernice and walks in on her and Andy...

Bernice and Andy are still going strong...

Diane's shocked to discover Bernice’s new boyfriend is Andy! Diane tries to get used to the idea of Bernice and Andy, though it seems it will take a while for Gabby to accept it. But now that the secret's out of the bag, things can only go up for the couple...right?

Oh no! Andy!

Meanwhile, James warns Adam about getting involved with Ross, suggesting Ross can be a bad influence. Katie worries about Adam’s attitude and behaviour and asks Andy to have a word with him.

Later, Andy offers Adam someone to talk to, but Adam turns angry opting to have another beer instead. Adam takes off for a while and re-appears up at the farm. James instructs him to go home as he’s drunk but he refuses to listen and climbs into the tractor turning it on, oblivious Andy's behind rethreading the baler. Moments later Andy lets out a howl in intense pain.

Stay with us, Andy!

Andy is badly injured and arrives in hospital in and out of consciousness....

Bad news, Mr.Sugden...

He's rush offed to surgery immediately. As andy wakes up after the operation he's shocked to hear how long he'll have to stay in due to the severity of his hand injury.

Bernice is such a trooper...

Bernice promises to stay by his side as the reality of the situation starts to sink in...how will Andy take care of his kids? Will he be ok?

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