Picture preview: Cain CONS Charity! (4-8 Aug)

Worried about money, Cain makes up an excuse to get Charity alone...

...to the garage where he traps her locking her in the car, demanding she give him twenty grand or he will tell Declan about the baby!

Someone knows the truth...

Will Charity give in to his demands?

Moira wants her man back!

Later on, Moira's worried when Cain returns home extremely late - but determined to win him back she pushes him onto the bed keen to rekindle things.

Are they back together again?

Moira’s happiness is short lived when Cain rushes out leaving her alone and heartbroken.

Moira's got the wrong end of things...

Meanwhile, Declan receives a call from his accountant and asks Charity where £20,000 has disappeared. Charity covers by telling him she has given it to Debbie. To avoid a mix up Charity tells Cain what she has told Declan but their intense conversation, is spotted by a furious Moira who instantly thinks the worst.

Can Cain clear things up with Moira without spilling his deal with Charity?

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