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Picture preview: Leyla the businesswoman? (23-27 Jun)

Leyla tells Jai she wants to invest her money in his business.

Jai's playing a dangerous game!

As he reluctantly beckons Leyla into his office, can she persuade Jai to let her invest and how will Megan feel when she finds Leyla leaving his office?

Will Leyla plunk up the courage?

Later on, Megan leaves Leyla feeling belittled after telling her there is no way Jai wouldconsider her offer but Katie encourages Leyla not to give up. Leyla has a drink to build up her courage and challenges her to see who can make the most money in two hours.

Jai's enjoying the attention...

Megan takes them up on their offer!

Who will win?

It's game on for the unlikely pair!

Leyla knows how to make an entrance!

Leyla asks Katie and and Alicia in to help her sell burgers from her street barbeque and decides to lure the cyclists in with a revealing outfit. Her tactic works, and Leyla wins the challenge, making £100 profit.

Megan’s floored but will she be more annoyed when Jai makes a decision on who will invest?

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Weekday evenings