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Picture preview: Moira and James secret is OUT! (23-27 Jun)

Having told Ross to stay away from his party, Finn and Victoria discover some VHS tapes in James’ clear out boxes with a photo of Finn’s mum.

The pair are entertained as they watch the tapes of the young Barton boys on Diane's old player and decide to bring them to the party later. However, the two are interrupted when Victoria gets a call from Marlon and they rush out leaving the tape running (NB: we soon realise there is more enlightening material on the video...)

Grab that remote James!

Meanwhile, at the party everyone has fun watching the tapes but they eventually hear James and Emma arguing. And everyone assembled is shocked by what they hear James’s ex wife Emma say...

What will Cain do?

Ross arrives to find everyone in shock after discovering Moira slept with James. A disgusted Adam hits James but Cain remains strangely calm and instructs Moira to go to the bedroom.

Adam's life has come crashing down...

Adam’s furious at Moira for lying to him and having broken his trust, and storms out. Full of regret and self-loathing, Moira tracks Cain down to the cemetery but unable to deal with her lies he walks away. Moira chases after him and tells him there’s one more thing he doesn't know... this is a decision that could change Moira’s life forever.

How will the Barton boys cope with their new BROTHER?

Adam is devastated to discover James is his dad and heads to the Dingles in search of Zak’s shotgun. Meanwhile, James is sick of pretending and determined to talk to his sons about Adam but Chas is worried how Cain will react when he discovers she already knew.

James may lose his family forever...

Tensions are high when James explains to his sons how Moira got pregnant when they slept together. Putting two and two together, they realise Adam is also his son.

Adam's dangerous...

At the Dingles, Sam hands Adam the shotgun believing it is for Zak and Adam leaves in search of James. Meanwhile, Cain and Moira are horrified when Sam informs them Adam has the gun and Cain goes in search of him.

James better watch out!

James is crushed and tells Chas his boys won’t want to talk to him again but as he leaves the pub, we see Adam follow him.

Can Adam be stopped?

Meanwhile, Cain finds Moira’s car in the woods and freezes as he hears a gunshot...

Has Adam exacted his revenge?

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