Picture preview: Mon 11th - Fri 15th November 7pm

Coming up in the Village: Vanessa ends her relationship with Charity, Moses is kidnapped, Kerry's full of regret and Arthur causes chaos...

Sean and Cain - Emmerdale - ITV
A stranger named Sean approaches Cain at the garage. Cain realises that he is a member of a gang that he and Aaron stole a car from.
Sean kidnaps Moses - Emmerdale - ITV
Sean kidnaps Moses, demanding that Cain and Aaron return his car in exchange for his safe return.
Charity  - Emmerdale - ITV
Charity is on the warpath in the aftermath of Moses’ kidnapping.
Chas, Cain and Aaron - Emmerdale - ITV
Chas defends Aaron for what happened with Moses and Sean, which causes a rift between her and Charity.
Kerry and Amy - Emmerdale - ITV
Amy tries to persuade a hungover Kerry to talk to Dan, but Kerry’s not sure he’ll come around this time.
Charity and Vanessa - Emmerdale - ITV
Vanessa discovers that Charity was involved in Mandy’s casino heist. She gives Charity the chance to tell her the truth…
Charity and Vanessa - Emmerdale - ITV
Charity fails to come clean to Vanessa. Devastated, Vanessa ends their relationship.
Arthur and Archie - Emmerdale - ITV
Arthur is unhappy that Archie has been invited to Ashley’s birthday picnic.
Archie unconscious - Emmerdale - ITV
Angry at Archie for ruining his Dad’s birthday, Arthur pushes him and knocks him unconscious.
Jai and Archie - Emmerdale - ITV
Jai and Laurel arrive at the scene, thinking that Archie has fallen over. Upon inspection, they find another mark on him. Arthur concocts a story about Jimmy being responsible.
Laurel, Jai, Nicola, Jimmy - Emmerdale - ITV
Jimmy is shocked at what he is being accused of. Laurel worries about how the revelations will affect her friendship with Nicola.
Bernice and Liam - Emmerdale - ITV
Bernice can’t get hold of her daughter, Dee Dee… but Liam has a surprise for her.
Mandy and Lydia - Emmerdale - ITV
Mandy tries to help Lydia reach out to her sister.
Graham and Rhona- Emmerdale - ITV
Graham and Rhona plan a weekend away, but he gets cold feet.