Picture preview: Mon 17 Dec - Fri 21 Dec

Coming up in the Village: Santa's big helper, festive fury and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Bernice, Dianwe and Nicola outside on Main St - Emmerdale - ITV
Outside the Salon, Nicola, Bernice and Diane argue about the eviction.
Debbie, Sarah, Faith and Charity in Butlers Farm - Emmerdale - ITV
As anxious Debbie leaves for court and the Dingles are hopeful she will return, but there's a sense that none of them believe it. Sarah blames Joe and Graham for what's happening and Faith is taken aback by her level of fury.
Jacob, Maya and David  in Farrars Barn - Emmerdale - ITV
Eric agrees to watch the shop whilst David and Maya rekindle their relationship, leaving Jacob jealous. David's concerned about Jacob's sulky attitude and Maya offers to talk to him.
Jacob and Maya in Farrars Barn - Emmerdale - ITV
Later on, a concerned Ellis tells David about Jacob seeing an older girl and Maya is anxious over what Jacob has done and soon angrily confronts Jacob about confiding in Ellis. As she coldly tells him to leave her alone and keep quiet, Jacob's left heartbroken and gutted.
PC Swirling, Dan, Amelia, Kerry and Daz in Dale View - Emmerdale - ITV
PC Swirling arrives and explains there have been developments in Amelia's case and they reckon Amelia knows more than she's letting on as Daz looks on guiltily.
Bob and the twins outside - Emmerdale - ITV
Struggling Bob despairs when the twins ask for expensive gifts for Christmas.
Harriet, Bob, Arther and Doug in the cafe - Emmerdale - ITV
Later on, Harriet offers Bob a job as a Christmas elf but he's later crushed by a further revelation.

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