Picture preview: Mon 20th May - Fri 24th May

Coming up in the Village: Leyla and David try to track down Maya, Aaron learns about Liv's blackmailing, Dawn apologises to Ryan and Lisa and Zak walk down the aisle.

Leyla, Ryan and David - Emmerdale - ITV
David and Leyla ask Ryan to install spy-software on Jacob’s laptop.
Frank, Megan, Priya and Jai discuss Eliza - Emmerdale - ITV
Jai tells Megan that he is keeping Eliza, after finding out she was the cause of the crash.
Aaron and Liv talking - Emmerdale - ITV
Aaron finds out that Liv blackmailed Jacob and Maya.
Dawn and Ryan chatting - Emmerdale - ITV
Dawn feels guilty and tries to apologise to Ryan.
Harriet offers to marry Zak and Lisa- Emmerdale - ITV
Harriet offers to marry Zak and Lisa in two day’s time.
David confronts Maya - Emmerdale - ITV
David confronts Maya before she's arrested by the police.
Lisa in her wedding dress - Emmerdale - ITV
Lisa reveals her wedding dress.
Zak and Lisa's wedding - Emmerdale - ITV
Zak and Lisa get married!