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Picture preview: Mon 21 - Fri 25 Sep

Coming up in the Village: Deadly secrets, fatal moments, shock admissions and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Jimmy's taken aback when Marcus arrives and asks about his aunt's jewellery, knowing someone called Rodney Blackstock sold it. Jimmy panics and ends up dropping himself and Rodney in it. He's shocked when Marcus threatens him, wanting the jewellery back by the end of the week.
Victoria's shocked to hear Robert is planning to leave and she tells Andy she wants to call Aaron, thinking he might help. Andy recognises Aaron's mobile number and all of a sudden the penny drops.

Andy nearly took his own life over the pain of losing Katie:

Belle's mortified to hear from Kirin that her parents have giving him a warning. She hints she wants Kirin to kiss her and they end up snogging unaware Lachlan jealously watches on.
Paddy witnesses Aaron trying to talk to Andy and is worried for Aaron who tells him he's done something bad. As Aaron fills Paddy in on what he told Andy, Chas overhears their conversation and insists they tell her what's going on...
Aaron admits to Chas that Robert killed Katie and he helped him cover it up. Chas is devastated as Aaron tries to explain what happened. Paddy tells Chas about Robert shooting him and she wants to hand Robert into the police.
What will Chas do - and what will the repercussions be for Aaron?

Aaron's guilt over Katie's death nearly destroyed him - until Robert admitted the truth:

Andy accuses Robert of killing Katie. He tries to ring the police but is left shocked when Robert knocks the phone from his hand. Robert pleads with Andy to trust him but leaves him thwarted when he finally admits to killing Katie.
Andy is reeling and he tells Robert to leave but he refuses, a fight ensues....

Robert and Aaron's deadly secret is OUT! Re-live the moment Katie sealed her fate forever:

Sammy Winward says goodbye to playing Katie Sugden:

Pete Barton runs in to Mulberry Cottage and sees Debbie and Ross together!
Rakesh tells Chrissie that Lachlan had a gun in the Village, so Chrissie begs Rakesh not to call the police. Will he do it?
Robert's taken to the interview room where he answers questions about his relationship with Katie and Andy. He lies that Andy made up the allegation because he's never forgiven him but will he manage to manipulate the situation?
Marlon persuades Paddy to accompany him to a singles' night.
Chas tells Cain all about Aaron helping Robert cover up Katie's murder. She continues that she could kill Robert but Cain stresses what the consequences would be.

Cain and Robert's paths have crossed before when Robert tried to blackmail him:

Meanwhile, Andy's stunned to hear from Diane and Victoria that Robert has been let go and his anger begins to rise. Robert pauses outside the door and realises he can use this to his advantage. Will Robert manipulate the situation to paint Andy in a bad light?
At the scrapyard, Robert tells Aaron that he told the police Andy had got it all wrong and has kept Aaron's name out of it - but Robert's left stung when he calls him a pathetic, money-grabbing coward. Robert viciously goads Aaron and he's left seething.

Aaron and Robert used to have a VERY different relationship...watch how it all started:

Debbie tells Ross something big...
...that she can't give him what he wants, as Pete watches it all unfold.

Ross nearly got rid of his own brother! See him plan his dastardly move:

Andy flies at Robert, sickened by his manipulation. Aaron breaks it up but Andy reels when Chas guiltily covers for Aaron and Robert and lies that Katie was going to leave him. Andy runs out when Diane and Victoria start to be hoodwinked by Robert's lies.

Chas tried her best to keep Robert an Aaron apart, but like a month to a flame they were always drawn to each other:

Marlon's on a promise with Chloe but is interrupted by a phone call from a frightened April. Chloe types her number into his phone and kisses him before he reluctantly tears himself away.
Lawrence follows Robert inside Keepers, saying he had an interesting chat with Chrissie. Unruffled, Robert explains about the break in and gloats that he set up the rent boy. Lawrence is infuriated.
Harriet's worried when Ashley doesn't show for her party.
Chas tells Robert to leave the Village warning that she's serious, saying if œhe values his life, he'll leave tonight. Robert doesn't heed Chas's warning and as he takes a step back...and there's a sound of a gunshot.
Robert's been shot!
Robert slumps forward onto Chas after being shot. She manages to move him off her and stands up shakily, horrified as he bleeds. Lawrence arrives and Dan jumps into action trying to save Robert.
Bob leads a shocked Chas into the pub as the paramedics lift Robert into the ambulance. At the hospital, it's clear Robert's life hangs by a thread as a team of medics stand over him. Then, Robert flat lines and is rushed into surgery...
...will Robert live?

Who shot Robert? Watch out exclusive trailer and see if you can uncover the culprit:

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